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Important Things To Know About Problems With Your Vehicle’s Steering System
When you think about it, steering is one of your vehicles most important features. Imagine if your steering system suddenly ceased to work while driving, what kind of trouble would you be in? Steering is vital because it is responsible for allowing your vehicle to turn in the right direction. Although operating your vehicle’s steering may seem relatively easy to do, the mechanics behind driver steering is actually quite complex because it is a process that involves several important mechanical components working together in seamless synchronization.
It can be surprising how little the average vehicle owner knows about their steering mechanisms in their car or truck. Often, when new clients arrive at WOW Automotive Care (Wrench on Wheels), Rancho Penasquitos with complaints about there steering we ask them a few different “troubleshooting” questions in order to make a quick diagnostic ruling.

What kind of Steering do you have?
When was the last time you has your steering columns checked?
Have you noticed your vehicle favoring one side?
Have you run out of power steering fluid?
Ask an Expert Wrench-On Wheels About Your Vehicle’s Steering

It is important that vehicle owners are able to answers these questions so that the steering experts at Wrench-On Wheels can quickly figure out what is wrong and get them back on the road. If you aren’t sure, let us know and we can check your fluids. Due to the fact that several different parts within the vehicle control the steering, the cost of replacing an entire steering system can be quite expensive. This is why we tend to look for simple solutions that only require the repair or replacement of one of these parts so that we can get the vehicle back into working order.
Having Troubles With Your Vehicles Steering Visit Wrench-On Wheels

Some Basic Steering Problem Diagnostics:

1.If you find yourself constantly adjusting your steering wheel so that you can drive in a straight line, then you may have worn out some of the steering components.

The solution is to have a mechanic place your vehicle up on a lift and look for loose or worn out parts. They do this by turning the wheel back and forth while looking underneath.

2.If your steering feels as if it is favoring the left or right when you hit a bump or go over a curb this could be a sign that the ball joints in your steering need to be replaced.

In order to check the joints, Wrench-On Wheels will observe the movement of the tire back and forth while also looking at the joints. It is important that you have a professional do this because they will know what to look for and be able to determine if you require any replacement parts or only additional lubrication. Depending on the severity of the problem your joints may also need to be replaced.

3.If your vehicle appears to suddenly become more difficult to steer or you notice a dramatic difference in its control then there may be a problem with your power steering. However there could be a few different things potentially causing this issue; it could just be a leak in the power fluid pump, or line (which can easily be repaired or replaced) or it could be something worse such as broken pump.

Wrench-On Wheels Provides Full Service Steering Diagnostics

Things To Remember About Steering Maintenance
The steering specialists at Wrench-On Wheels will run a few different tests to identify the source of the problem. Best-case scenario it is a quick fix such as you require more power steering fluid, however it could also be something more serious that requires you to have your entire system replaced.

This may go without saying but one of the key components of proper vehicle maintenance is having your power steering fluid checked regularly. It is a good idea to have it looked at every time you change the oil so that many of these problems can be avoided. The #1 cause of steering troubles is lack of power fluid or lubrication. Have yor grease points checked out on the steering linkage and make sure that they are in good condition.

If you suspect that your steering may be off do not hesitate to contact someone and have it looked at. Leaving minor steering issues unattended for too long can lead to major problems. If you want to save money on your vehicles upkeep, it is a good practice to visit Wrench-On Wheels immediately whenever you are suspicious of a problem. Keep in mind that an early diagnosis of any kind of car trouble is the key to saving money on vehicle repairs! Notice Anything Different About Your Steering Lately, Make An Appointment With Wrench-On Wheels Right Now, and have that looked at ASAP