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Signs That Something Might Be Wrong With Your Vehicle’s Suspension

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One of the most common customer inquiries that we deal with at Wrench-On Wheels is concern regarding vehicle swaying and bouncing. After a quick investigation by our trained mechanics this issue more often than not is found to be caused by worn out or shotty suspension. Typically by time the vehicle owner has begun to notice a difference in the vehicle’s handling, the suspension is already beyond repair and needs to be replaced. This can be a major safety concern, because worn suspension can be dangerous and needs to be taken very seriously. Most people do not realize this but shock suspension is responsible for your stopping time and allows you to brake at a moment’s notice. Without great suspension your stopping time can be reduced up to 10%. This may affect your ability to maneuver your vehicle in bad weather conditions, rough or gritty roads, or avoid collision. For this reason when we see a vehicle with old or run-down suspension we are required to make an appropriate repair recommendation.

Unfortunately, some people are not aware of the early signs that their suspension might be on its way out. If the mechanics at Poway Wrench-On Wheels could diagnosis the issue sooner there may be more repair options that would save you money on expensive replacements. In order to make accessing your vehicles suspension condition a little bit easier we have composed a list of 5 Signs that your Suspension might need to be looked at by a professional. Wrench-On Wheels, Poway Are Accredited Brand and Suspension Specialists Contact Wrench-On Wheels, Poway; If You Have Any Concerns About Suspension, We Have Restoration Options That Could Save You Money On Expensive Repairs

Why Vehicle Suspension Health Is A Real Concern

Although it may be fun to joke about driving on worn out suspension, it does raise some authentic concerns. If you find that your vehicle can no longer handle gentle bumps or divots in the road then you really should have your suspension looked at by a professional. This is because the long-term effects of driving with little to no suspension can be damaging to the health of your entire vehicle. Not to mention it dramatically handicaps your ability to turn quickly and stop, which increasing the likelihood that you may be in an accident or roll your vehicle when driving at a fast speed.

If you have any concerns about your suspension, come to Wrench-On Wheels located in Poway for a full diagnostic check-up for your family vehicle. As we mentioned before, catching suspension issues early can actually save you money on a repair, rather than a full replacement.

WOW Automotive Care (Wrench on Wheels), Can Replace or Repair Your Suspension